North Parsons Community Development – Fort McMurray

Project Description:

The project involves land development and infrastructure construction for a new community in Fort McMurray. A future home of 24,000 residents, the community will include residential, commercial, and recreational developments.

Work scope included accommodation for Suncor Oil and Gas lines, maintenance and operation of a construction access road to keep all construction traffic away from primary residential access during peak home building. Traffic accommodations.

Project Statistics:


Location :

Ft. McMurray, AB


Duration :

June 2017 – Sept 2017


Owner :

Alberta Infrastructure

Our Services:

  • ZEarthworks
  • ZUnderground Utilities

Scope of Work

  • Z400 ha – Project Area
  • Z70 ha – Tree Clearing
  • Z4,000,000 BCM – Common earthworks including large ponds
  • Z281,000 m2 – Textured and smooth HDPE liner
  • Z48,000 m2 – Sanitary Sewer, Water distribution networks
  • Z10,700 lm – Slotted and solid HDPE piping