The Sureway Advantage – Maintenance and Service Department

We’re ready

Sureway owes much of our success to our world class service department, which is key to us achieving a fleet availability of 90%.

Our flagship 38 bay maintenance facility employs over 40 well-trained people, and allows us to perform virtually all of our equipment maintenance in-house. This new shop is well equipped with such features as:

  • Dedicated wash bays
  • Cylinder remanufacturing facilities
  • Transmission and major component rebuilding facilities
  • Engine overhaul facilities
  • A full machining bay with portable line-boring
  • Paint Bay
  • Hydraulic hose manufacturing center
  • State-of-the-art hydraulic pad swap with up to 48” in width capabilities and 8000 ft-lb tightening ability
  • In house capacity to keep over 17,000 L of each major type of oil product in inventory
  • Dedicated light vehicle bays
  • Multiple 10T overhead cranes
  • An estimated $15M parts inventory-Sureway sources parts worldwide for optimum quality, price & delivery
    • 200 exchange hydraulic cylinders in stock
    • 80 overhaul transmissions and differentials
    • 96 overhaul and dyno drop in engines
Keeping the Sureway fleet running in the field, our Maintenance and Service Department also has the following mobile support equipment and infrastructure, backed by a complement of over 20 talented employees:

  • 15-mobile service trucks, equipped with crane, welder and OEM tooling
  • Two dedicated welding trucks
  • Tire truck with manipulator capable of handling all of Sureway’s tire sizes
  • Mobile glass van for off road equipment
  • 11-combination Fuel & Lube Trucks
  • 2-Off-Road Articulated Fuel & Lube Trucks
  • 4-Fuel trucks, up to 50,000 L capacity
  • In-house capacity to keep over 17,000 L of each major type of oil product on site
  • Bulk oil is purchased for added cost savings
  • Mobile cranes
  • 1-dedicated wash truck
  • Portable fuel tanks for projects with capacity from 4000 – 50,000 L capacity
  • Portable shop facility for all season working
  • Multiple fully equipped parts vans
  • Wide range of factory tooling including a 200 ton track press

Sureway also has a well-equipped welding facility near our main shop. This location is shared with Sureway Industrial Services mechanical division, which adds to our depth of welding capacity and expertise. No job is too complicated.

From small repairs to hard surfacing and bucket rebuilds, Sureway is well positioned to meet our own needs, as well as those of our valued Clients. Additional shop space is available to accommodate increased workloads.

Sureway’s main Edmonton yard is over 150 acres (60 ha) in size with ample room for equipment staging, future expansion, and short-term leasing for industrial laydown or shut-down parking.

Sureway has an equipment staging area in Villeneuve AB. 80 acres (32 ha) in size, it is equipped with a shop and overhead cranes.

Sureway’s 38 Bay Maintenance Facility

Sureway’s Head Office Complex in Edmonton, AB

Sureway’s Main Edmonton Location

Some of our Maintenance Team

Field Support Truck

Field Support Staff

Tire Truck

Haul Truck

Fuel and Lube Truck

Partial 777 Fleet